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David R. Starmer opened his first gas station and repair shop in Wayland, Mass in 1962. Sometime in 1965 a septic truck was towed into his garage for service. The truck needed extensive repairs and when presented with the bill, the owner said: "Keep the truck". So Dave parked the truck outside of his garage with a 'for sale' sign on it. Later that week, one of Dave's gas station customers came in and asked if that was a septic truck parked outside. Dave said: "Yes, it is", to which the customer replied: "My cesspool is overflowing. If you come and pump it out for me, I will pay you well."  Dave quickly figured out how to operate his new vehicle, pumped out that cesspool, and made $50 for a half hour of work. That night when he got home, Dave said to his wife; "I think I just got into the septic business".

    Dave Starmer Disposal was incorporated in 1966 and has provided quality septic services to residents and businesses in the area ever since. Over the years Dave added repairs and inspections to the list of services he provided, and employed other family members in the business.
   Sadly, Dave Starmer passed away in 2002. His wife Sonja ran the business for a few years. Currently their son Dan Starmer continues to provide exceptional septic service to the area.

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