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We are licensed to perform a wide range of septic repairs, including tank sealing, d-box replacement and installing extensions to bring the cover closer to the ground (and reduce your digging cost in the future). We will obtain all necessary permits from your local Board of Health and fix your system properly. Again, we hand dig as much as we can, so that your lawn still looks great when the repair is completed. 

Septic tank, cesspool, grease trap or tight tank, you name it - we can pump it!  We'll dig up your tank cover, empty the tank completely and observe the condition of your tank, as well as the volume of solids. Based on this information, we can determine how often your system should be pumped. Our service includes back flushing (when needed), which helps break up solids and gets the tank cleaner (our competition charges separately for back flushing). We'll send you a reminder postcard every year thereafter, along with a $20 coupon for the next service.

  • High pressure pipe jetting
  • Pipe snaking
  • Septic system locating
  • Video pipe inspection
  • Septic system repairs

The most accurate way of quickly detecting any drain line problems, such as broken pipes or root invasion. With digging kept at a minimum, you save both; time and money.

The Commonwealth requires all Massachusetts homeowners to have their septic system inspected by a Title 5 certified inspector before they sell their house. Dave Starmer Disposal, Inc. has many years of experience in this field. If you need a quick and honest inspection executed by a licensed professional - look no further! In most cases you will be notified of the outcome of the inspection (pass or fail) during the appointment. In case of a failed system, you can count on our free advice on the most appropriate and affordable solution to the problem. The inspection requires digging out a cover to your tank, the d-box and taking a brief look at the pipelines in your basement. It is noteworthy that we do as much digging as possible by hand to avoid property damage. A Title 5 report cannot be properly filled out without the necessary paperwork, which includes design plan, as-built, water records, soil test data etc. Many of our competitors expect you to provide these documents to the inspector. For your convenience, we handle the research ourselves.

   Not sure if you are going to sell your house? We also perform unofficial inspections at a reduced rate.

  • Title 5 inspection
  • Septic pumping